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Hiiii Tenzy,
I can't tell you how happy we are with you. We just got back to the hotel to find out the little surprise arrangement you had done for us and we are really speechless how we can express love and happiness through this email. Everything you have done for us is more like what we expect a family member to do and your presence really made our wedding a wonderful experience and honey, we will definitely come back to you again for our anniversary celebration no matter which part of the world that may be and I will recommend your services to all my family and friends.

I am leaving early morning tomorrow to meet my in-laws and would love to see if we can catch up when I come back on 15th November? Please say yes?

One last request, the photographer said he can't give us the CD until tomorrow afternoon, could you collect it on our behalf and may be I can collect it from you when I meet you before heading back to UK?

God bless you!
Zara and Samar

Dear Tenzin,
at present we are at home now, in Hungary for 3 days.
All the wedding, the accomodation, the organization and everything was really, really AMAZING! We were and we are very happy and thank you for all! :-)
Yes, the photos are so perfect, Robin was very kind, as well.

Jan and his wife are so nice couple, and the staff of Symphony Beach was very perfect. Our dream is going back there once again.

Tenzin, thank you for your good job, we wish you a happy and lucky new year for 2012! We will recommend you and your company everywhere we can.

AL the best, kind regards;
Tivadar and Orsi

Hi Tenzin,
I hope you are very well!

Now that I have some time I would like to give you some feedback on the trip and wedding.

First of all I would like to thank you for all your support througout the process. Manlio and I have been most impressed with your professionalism and competence and it has been a real pleasure organising things with you. We will definetely recommend your agency to our friends and familiy and we would love to plan another trip with you in the future. We really don't know how to thank you enough.

Our wedding at the Devi Garh was an unforgettable experience. As we mentioned, we thought that the hotel was absolutely stunning and the level of service was outstanding. We have stayed in hotels of a similar category in the past, but we had never found such a competent and warm group of professionals. The Manger of the hotel personally greeted us when we arrived and after our wedding, and a team was appointed to organise our time and satisfy every need we may have. The whole experience exceeded all our expectations. We would like give special thanks to Mr Saurabh, Mr Manash and Mr Raj for their warmth and all their help with everything.

Devi Garh gave us a room upgrade and decorated everything beautifully, we really could not ask for more. The food was also excellent and very well chosen by Mr Manash.

The cermony itself was very special. The temple looked out of a fairy tale with all the decorations and we loved the vows and rituals of the Hindu ceremony. Mr Manash was kind enough to act as my "Indian father" and give me away and I will always remember that. Manlio's parents and my mother all passed away many years ago, so it was particularly meaningful to us.

All of the activities we did during our hectic wedding day were wonderful, from the camel ride to the mehndi and manicure, and the fire works. Devi Garh took care of even the smallest detail and we feel very privileged to have been able to live such a wonderful experience. Thanks again for recommending them.

I wish you could have seen it since you have been so important in this process. Here are some pictures that I hope will give you an idea of the day:

We are also very happy about the tour and are quite surprised of the amount of things we managed to do in such a short period of time!

Our driver, Mr Dorga, did a wonderful job and made us feel very well looked after and comfortable throughout the journey. He is very discreet, professional and a great driver and we would be happy to recommend him to anyone.

As for the hotels, apart form the Devi Garh of course, our favourites were Fort Pokaran and Mirvana Nature resort.

Fort Pokaran organised music especially for us, escorted us on a night visit of the city, gave us wonderful food and provided excellent service. We even met the Maharaja who was extremely kind.

Mirvana Nature resort organised a great New Year's eve with music, dance, great food and a wonderful atmosphere.

We also liked our hotels in Ranthambore, Jaipur and Jailsamer.

The rest were also good, but maybe some things could improve there.

We were pleased to meet your representatives in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Ranthambore. They were all professional and made us feel very welcome.

In the end we had 3 guides: one in Ranthambore, one in Agra and one in Delhi.

Our guide in Ranthambore was very pleasant and we learnt a lot, it was only a shame we did not manage to see the tiger despite all his efforts!

Our guide in Agra was very kind, knowledgeble and professional. Highly recommended.

Our guide in Delhi was also very nice and made a big effort so we would like to thank him. He did not seem as experienced as the others and we feel that it would be good if he could negotiate rates of services more. We also found the restaurant in Delhi ovepriced for the level of service.

All our visits to the different sites went very well and we are very pleased with everything. We really enjoyed the safaris in particular.

Our only suggestion would be to ensure that representatives and the driver are informed of extras such as rides and meals. Sometimes they were not in the vouchers, which caused some confusion, but it was all solved very quickly.

Visits to "non touristic" places would also be a nice addition.

I think that I have covered most things.

If you require any further details on anything, I will be happy to provide them.

Overall we felt very well looked after and we are very impressed with your company. People in India were also a very positive surprise. They were always extremely kind very open to us.

We have a bag full beautiful memories and it's all thanks to you :-).

I wish you all the best and I will defintely get in touch if we come back to India.

Best regards,

Tenzin darling,
You are too fabulous
the wedding was spectaular and everything I dreamed and more.
The setup picture perfect - exactly like the pics you sent...
At Neomi's we had makeup and hair done- like true professionals...
Your ground handlers - there is just no words to describe how professional and awesome they are.
Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for making my renewal of vows so magical and special.It was a dream come true!
If ever you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bestest regards

Dear Vijay,
Firstly for thank you for organising a wonderful wedding for us, we had a magical time.
It is over a month since we have returned from India and I have been meaning to email for a while now, to say thank you. But, things were really hectic when we got back, with all the reception plans and family visits.

Now that everything has settled down, I would just like to thank you for a wonderful, memorable trip. When we had started planning the trip in January, I was extremely stressed out and worried. There were so many details to arrange, for such a special occasion from so far away.

But, looking back, I can say without a doubt that all the wedding plans and the little tour was exceptional. From the painstaking planning to the wonderful memories we now hold.

We had some of our wedding pictures on a screen at the reception, and our friends and family were really impressed that we managed to organize the entire three day ceremony so far away, in such detail.

I must say thanks for helping me plan a trip that we will always hold dear, a wedding ceremony that will always be a special memory, for opening your home and hearts to us and making us feel like family.

We will always remember the warm people we met, the hospitality we received and the great memories that we made. And, we will definitely return to India in the near future.

I will forward you pictures of my family at the reception as soon as I have them.
Once again-THANK YOU and the rest of the clan that made everything possible.
Please convey our regards to Ashu and Randhir.
Ashira Junak

Namaste Vijay,
How are you? Please send my regards to everyone in the office.
This week was the first week I’m back in the office and only time I was able to contact you. Murphy’s law had it that I was unable to access any of my e-mails when I was in Durban.

I am sending you and the team my heart full thank you and gratitude for making my parents dream a reality. You have managed to make my ma proud of me and for that I will be ever great full. The trip had been very exciting and times daunting. For the many times I have been in india I have only now began to experience the true Indian culture and the true Mother India and have been not only educated but enlightened of the massive land from which I come. Mother India has shown me and Nishan her good and bad parts. But I have managed to meet the best people whilst on my trip. People that I can hope will consider me as friends. Thank you for this.

Thank you for making me feel proudly Indian.
I still wish to speak to Sameer about the India wedding segment for the South African page. I would appreciate it if he may e-mail me on this with more information on the status of the current project and other business ideas that we may carry forward.

Kind regards.
Gulshan and Nishan.

Weddings are rare and precious moments and the planners you choose can make a substantial difference in the memory you will bring with you for the rest of your lives. We were extremely happy of the services availed from Exotic Indian Weddings. We were “pampered” by Tenzin Dhasel who was as eager and careful to details as we were ourselves. Our every enquiry and whim found a positive answer. Always there, answering emails at 3 o’clock at night she truly helped make that dream come true. We also required the services of Gets Holidays for our honeymoon and, again, were pleased of the response of Tenzin and her staff as they proposed several detailed options in several countries of our choice. When choosing some exotic countries, glitches can undoubtedly happen, but again we can say that we had full support when we called for assistance... and got it till the very end. Will be certainly calling them again!
Orlandi Roberto.

Dear Tenzin,
Thank you again for all the organization you did for our wedding, it was a wonderful day and we think of it quite often. Our families and friends were really surprised when they discover the pictures and movie and some of them cried a little bit.
It was a really good surprise for everybody.
I will put, as soon as I can, everything on our worldtour' blog so I think this could make you working more! I will send the link to you when I will do it.
My mom really want to send you a mail to thank you to but she never has time to do it.
Hope to hear from you soon,

Dear Tenzin,
The wedding was magical. it was a dream come true. Everything went on smoothly and it was gorgeous.
Thank you and your goan agents for making our dream come true :)
Our compliments to all of you
Sanja and Aleksandar.

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