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Taj Hari Mahal

From the high ornate Amar Mahal Hall with awe-inspiring chandeliers, intricately carved arches and picturesque jharokhas to the tastefully appointed boardrooms, sun-drenched courtyards to the spacious well furnished rooms with magnificent views, Taj Hari Mahal is a subtle fusion of elements of yore and contemporary elegance in Jodhpur .

This 450 acres of magnificent oasis was built in a style reminiscent to a medieval palace of some victorious Mewar ruler. Here you will find arched corridors giving way to the most luxurious rooms and suites, well equipped conference rooms overlooking some marble terraces, tempting traditional Marwari delicacies challenging best of continental cuisine, and not to forget the presence of a courteous assistance by your side all the time.

Taj Hari Mahal makes the ideal setting for a regal wedding, where you will have a grand processions led by elephants and horses, followed by a band with soothing music, special theme evening and gala dinner thrown out on sand dunes with traditional folk dancers around, special “mehfil” evening with Indian classical dances, fireworks and lighting or you can also treat your guests to unique theme dinners that celebrate the culture and cuisine of the region.

Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur , also makes a romantic for the just married. You can melt away into each others gaze in the intriguing, warm and cozy ambience of the hotel or venture back down the memory lane.

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