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Wedding in Sri Lanka

Wedding in India


Some couples like to get wed in a colorful traditional style with exotic dancers, drummers and elephants; others prefer a wedding celebration in the privacy of a romantic and peaceful location. If you are looking to celebrate this most beautiful day of your life in either of the two ways then it is all here in the serene tropical island of Sri Lanka. Whether it’s a palm fringed sandy beach by the side of Indian Ocean or an inland location with green tea growing hills, thick green forest or a historical city, there is a wedding destination for every discerning wedding couple in Sri Lanka.

Indeed with the magical mix of stunning natural beauty and a great history, complex culture, ever friendly hospitable locals and relaxed Buddhist traditions, Sri Lanka is no less than a wedding paradise to head for. In the shadows of many ancient traditions a Sri Lankan wedding ensures a great beginning for the wedding couples.

Far from the other weddings, a traditional Sri Lankan wedding is more of an exotic and regal kind, where the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows dressed like a king and queen. Add to that unique regal charm the ceremony is followed by Drums, dancing and Sloka and not to miss out the great wedding feast served with many tasty dishes. Here you can also go for the unique Buddhist Wedding ceremony under an intricately carved wooden platform, or make it more spicy and colorful with a Hindu wedding ceremony.

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