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The Destination - Kept in splendid isolation, Seychelles is a nation of many beautiful islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is located 1,600 km east of mainland Africa, and northeast of the Madagascar Island. The islands here are divided into two distinct categories. Those comprise of hills and rocky mountains are called Granite Islands and those with elevated coral reefs are named as Coral Islands. Ever since it has been discovered by the great Portuguese navigator- Vasco da Gama, Seychelles keeps on luring visitors with its unbelievable natural beauty, endless white sands and wonderful charming people.

Language - Creole is the native language, spoken by almost 94% of the people. However, English and French are commonly used. English is also the language of government and commerce in Seychelles.

Population - Seychelles’s population is estimated at around 85,000 people, and comprises of a mixture of Asians, Africans, French and English natives. About 90 % of the Seychellois people are inhabited in the Mahe Island while most others live on Praslin and La Digue. The remaining islands are either scarcely populated or uninhabited.

Currency - The local currency is Seychelles Rupee (SCR). It is divided into 100 cents with notes in denominations of 10, 25, 50 and 100. USD 1 = 6 SRC.

When to go - The southeast trade winds blow regularly from May to November, and this is the most pleasant time of the year. There are two monsoon periods; the south east monsoon from May to October is the cool and with less rain and the north east monsoon from December to March is calmer but warmer with heavier rain.

How to get there - Being a fast growing tourist destination, more and more airlines are now flying to Seychelles. Direct flights are available from many important cities of the world. There are flights from Australia via Singapore, from Africa and Mauritius and direct from London. Tourists from Continental Europe can also take a direct flight.

Must See

  1. Victoria - Nestled in the island of Mahe, Victoria is one of the smallest capital cities in the world and the only major port in Seychelles.
  2. Aldabra Atoll - One of the world’s largest coral atolls, enclosing a huge tidal lagoon.
  3. Anse Lazio - Among the best beaches of the country with glorious white soft sands, rounded granite boulders and lively waves.
  4. Beau Vallon - One of the largest and most visited beaches.
  5. Ste Anne Marine National Park - A snorkeling paradise with a collection of six islands of which Moyenne is probably the best island to visit , known for its buried treasure and ghosts.
  6. Vallee de Mai - It offers the greatest concentration of coco de mer palms in Seychelles. The prehistoric forest here is World Heritage listed and the very sight of sunlight filtering through their fronds will make you go all poetic.
  7. Cousin Island - A great nature reserve and home to several endangered species, as well as being a breeding ground for seabirds and turtles.
  8. Silhoutte Island - It is a large granite island, which rises steeply from its beaches to three high peaks.
  9. Curieuse Island - The Island is an official marine national park with hundreds of giant tortoises and stunning granite sculptures.
  10. Assomption Island - The best place to experience the magical allure of reef life underneath layers of crystal clear water.
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