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Ran Banka

Built for Maharajadhiraj of Jodhpur, Sir Ajit Singh, this royal abode tastefully blends the lavish lifestyle of yore with best of modern comforts. It boasts of a rich and varied collection of paintings and hunting trophies of yesteryears, all so well preserved by the royal family, which still uses a part of the building as there home.

Colonial furniture, damask, upholstery and Persian carpets on wooden floor mark the interiors of each room at Ran Banka in Jodhpur. In addition the array of personalized yet unobtrusive services truly paves the way to unwind a lifestyle fit for the king.

Choosing Ran Banka as the destination for your wedding is a memorable affair. Here you will able to make your dreams come true, celebrating the greatest day of your life amidst the sweetest of romance, dressed in full regalia accompanied by a procession led by elephants, horses and camels.

Ran Banka is also the place where you actually get to see some rare photographs of the Maharaja's Polo Teams. As you walk past the interiors with their unique decor you will be transported back to the era of Royal pastimes resembling erstwhile Jodhpur.

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