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Exotic Weddings in Kerala

The land of picturesque backwaters and ethical temples, Kerala is one of the best blends of beauty and sanctity and thus serves as the ideal venue for your exotic wedding in India.

» As per planned by our team you and your guests will be comfortably accommodated in one of the beach or backwater resorts of Kerala. As you reside in your room all the preparations for your wedding in India shall be accomplished most efficiently by our team.

» The bride shall adorn traditional Indian attire for the wedding that includes a silk sari and the costume jewelry designed beautifully keeping in view your demands and liking. The apparel for groom shall be a dhoti and white shirt with white shawl and all the important help with make up and dressing shall be provided to both.

» The wedding will take place under a huge pavilion (pandal) beautifully embellished with flowers. The exquisite sounds of live Indian music and the delectable feast on banana leaves are the memories you shall cherish for life.

» Further the wedding celebrations include the arrival of the groom on the beautifully decorated elephants and a performance of classical Indian dance form all this makes

» The photography and video recording will help capture all your precious memories of your wedding in exotic locales.

» All the provisions allocated can be molded and structured according to the demands of the guests to give this event a more personal feel.

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Sample wedding
Day 1
The bride and groom along with their dear ones shall arrive at Kerala by afternoon of this day which further will be followed by a small ceremony of exchanging invitations between the two families. A visit to the nearby tourist attractions and market can then be arranged. The most entertaining sight of the day will be the traditional Bridal Mehndi ceremony which refers to decorating bride’s hands and feet with Henna. The day will end with a delectable meal served while one relishes the enticing South Indian Classical music performed live.

Day 2
The second day of exotic weddings in India starts with an early morning appetizing meal in the resort which is then followed by a Nuptial Chain ceremony for the groom in the nearby Siva temple.

The final onset of the wedding takes place with a grand entrance of the groom on illustriously decorated elephants along with his family. Amidst the exhilarating sounds of Panchavadyam music the groom and his family is traditionally welcomed by the bride’s family on the gate of the pavilion. Beautifully decorated thalies (platters) are exchanged between the two families as the groom and his family is welcomed with garlands and floral showers.

The party then advances to the pandal for over the Homakudam for performing the rituals with holy fire as witness, amidst the sounds of sacred mantras chanted by the priest. The nuptial ceremony is fulfilled with the exchange of garlands by the couple as they vow to spend entire life together.

After the grand wedding the guests then can relish the scrumptious cuisines in typical South Indian ways on the banana leaves. Afternoon is left free for relaxation and leisure which is then followed by a bright and colorful evening adorned with performance by a dance troupe and the classical dance forms of Kerela.

Day 3
The day preceding your elaborate wedding can be spent relaxing amidst the soothing environs of the Kerala backwater and basking at the tropical beaches. The newly wedded couple and their families then share a lavish dinner together which winds up the celebrations of memorable weddings in India.

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