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Indian Wedding

India is known worldwide for its diversity and richness in culture. It is one of the very few countries where modernity and tradition form a perfect blend. In fact, these paradoxes attached to this land have only added to its beauty and splendour. The essence of Indian culture can be felt in almost everything in the country. Other than festivals and cuisines, a very appropriate illustration of Indian culture is the wedding in India. The importance of wedding in India lies in the fact that Indians have a strong belief in the institution of marriage. So wedding, here is one of the most significant and celebrated occasions.

Another factor that makes Indian weddings so fascinating is the variety that is witnessed in the weddings of different regions and religions of the country. It is a true representation of the diverse nature of the land. People in different places celebrate this auspicious occasion according to their own rituals and customs. In fact, there are so many ways in which the weddings in India can be classified that it is actually difficult to clearly categorize them.

Being home to a large number of religions, the first way in which Indian weddings can be differentiated is by the difference in customs of the various religions. For eg. We have the Hindu wedding, The Muslim wedding or Nikah, the Christian wedding, the Jain wedding, and so many others. Also people in different states have their own customs for marriage like south Indian wedding is different from a wedding in northern India or a Gujarati wedding can be different from the Oriya wedding.

Along with the difference in the customs and the proceedings, variety can be witnessed in the Indian bridal wedding dress, which can be anything from the wedding sari to a traditional lehenga. Also, the wedding decoration may vary to suit the diverse requirements and desires of different people. The decoration also depends on the wedding venues in Indiaand venue being such an important factor, there is no dearth of exotic venues in India. One can chose anything from a royal palace wedding to an exotic beach wedding. Also, there is a long list of top wedding hotels, five star luxury venues, etc.

Despite all this differences, there are a couple of things, which are common to every Indian wedding and these little things, which form a very essential ingredient of every Indian wedding are the wedding invitations and wedding cards which are lately given a lot of importance. Like many other cultures the Indian wedding ring holds a very important place and because rings are generally exchanged at the time of engagement, it is often called the engagement ring.

So, weddings in India are a very important occasion and are characterised by exuberance and splendour. Other than the above-mentioned classifications, people in India have the freedom to follow any customs and rituals in their weddings and no body is bound under any obligations, thus representing the true character of the country.

Even foreigners can come and marry in India in any of the different styles. This can be done just through certain formalities, for which Gets India can provide complete assistance. We, at exotic Indian wedding, have a complete understanding not only of the customs and rituals of Indian weddings but also of the complexity and variety in which they are performed. Our wedding planners are capable of creatively managing the different aspects of any wedding in India, right from the varied wedding venues to the arrangement of different cuisines to suit the style of the wedding. If required, we can also find out the finest details regarding the costumes and jewellery.

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