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Rajvilas, Jaipur

Wedding in India


Set in a princely oasis of thirty-two acres of beautiful gardens, pools and fountains right in the heart of Rajasthan, The Oberoi Rajvilas is the perfect way to experience the palatial treasures of Jaipur. At Oberoi Rajvilas one can relive the gracious lifestyle of India’s legendary Princes in incomparably elegant surroundings, without missing modern comforts and the very best of Western, Ayurvedic and Oriental therapies in the fabulous spa.

Decorated arches, colonnades, pillars, heavenly reflective pools, cool beautiful interiors and tented ceilings hung with silk mark the unique beauty of Rajvilas, Jaipur. As you step into its premise you will be transported into a different world all together.

Where Fortress walls gleam white in the moonlight surrounding an 18th century Hindu temple rising out of a lotus strewn pond, exquisitely carved elephants at entrances and fountains glitter lavishly with hand painted blue tiles. Where Dancers perform by candlelight, as you dine off of hand painted tablecloths and men stalk the grounds in uniform, shooing the birds away. Truly Rajvilas is the unspoiled beauty of your dreams. 

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