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Exotic Weddings in India

Wedding in India


The city of beautifully structured palaces and forts, Rajasthan serves as an ideal venue for those planning their weddings in the exotic locales. Our wedding planner will make all the provisions available to accomplish your idea of a perfect wedding in India. The princely charms and the pleasing etiquettes of this city of Kings and royal families will surely amuse your guests in all its warm welcoming ways. Thus, with the backdrop of palaces and forts one can actually experience the exuberance of palace weddings which is surely to be remembered for life.

You shall be accommodated in one of the most magnificent palaces of Rajasthan providing you the real flavor of exotic weddings ....



Some Exotic Venues in Rajasthan

The land of picturesque backwaters and ethical temples, Kerala is one of the best blends of beauty and sanctity and thus serves as the ideal venue for your exotic wedding in India....



Some Exotic Venues in Kerala

The guests first on their arrival shall be welcomed while following the most over- whelming Indian fashion of hospitality. Both the parties shall be welcomed by our representative at their advent with the ritual of anointing the forehead with vermillion paste (Tilak) and garlands symbolic of wishes for a pleasant stay in the country.


Some Exotic Venues in Khajuraho

Exotic Weddings in India
India holds a history of illustrious rule of the mighty kings and queens, majestic palaces, forts, colorful traditions and customs. A vast country with varied culture is what you will get to experience if you choose India as your wedding venue. Be it the natural exuberance of Kerala or the royal excesses of the forts and palaces of Rajasthan, weddings in India can become a legend in itself. Choose among the extraordinary locales for exotic weddings in India and kick start your blissful married life on an exotic note.

Sample Exotic Weddings in India
Our wedding planners provide the best locales as the venue for your dream wedding in Kerala and Rajasthan. The weddings are planned in most delightful manner at the beach and backwater resorts in Kerala and at the splendid vintage forts and palaces in Rajasthan. The tranquil and scenic ambiance of the resort at Kerala will give your wedding a celestial feel. On the other hand wedding in Rajasthan will be a lavish affair with all the pomp and show of an Indian wedding your wedding here will be an experience of a life time.
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