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City Palace

Wedding in India


The City Palace in Udaipur is one of the largest palace complexes in India, located in the royal city of Rajasthan; these palaces are the most splendid site on one’s India tour. The City Palace upholds a cluster of exquisitely structured palaces each built in close proximity to another and brings alive the magnificent era of Kings and royal accesses.

These palaces have been renovated and molded befitting all the modern day necessities hence, serves as an idyllic host to the clientele on a luxury tour to Udaipur. These palaces with their most elegant settings have hosted varied grand events including some of the most celebrated celebrities and renowned personalities’ weddings in India. The most picturesque venues for conducting a lavish wedding in City Palace are.

Shivniwas Palace: The Shivniwas Palace is the flagship hotel of City Palace. This palace upholds a history of regal rule of Maharanas, originally the residence of Maharana Fateh Singh the palace is a grand heritage hotel. A winner of Best Hotel award in India, thrice the hotel is situated on the periphery of Pichola Lake and hence, is one of the best hotels in Udaipur. The gigantic structure of the palace has been designed most artistically with its towering fortifications crowned with flagged turrets, expansive balconies and luxurious rooms designed with most impressive princely glamour.

Fateh Prakash Palace: Embellished with the serene Pichola Lake, Fateh Prakash Palace is one of the grand Heritage Palaces of City Palace complex. The over- whelming warmth and hospitality bequeaths its guests with an experience of royal etiquettes and gesticulations. The walls of the palace hotel of Udaipur exhibit a collection of beauteous paintings of the Mewar School, hark back in time of Maharajas and courtly splendor.

The hotel has won the National Tourism award for the best hotel in Heritage Grand category for two consecutive years, pronouncing the hotel one of the best mode of accommodation in Udaipur for a luxurious experience of the city of palaces, Udaipur.


Zenana Mahal: Situated at the end of the royal City Palace complex, the Zenana Mahal originally was an exclusive palace for the royal ladies. The palace has been built most beautifully including all the ingredients for making it a perfect venue for weddings and hence, it has been transformed to splendid candle-lit banquets.

The sprawling courtyard of the palace gives it the liberty of arranging grand events in its premises in a magnificent manner. The palace with fairytale elegance has been one of the favorite venues for wedding for many mighty personalities of the country.

Manek Chowk: The Manek Chowk adjacent to Mardana Mahal is the other venue for any kind of celebrations. Set with the backdrop of the Mardana Mahal, the Manek Chowk is one of the elegant settings. The well- manicured lawns of the place hold a capacity of accommodating up to 200 guests for pre or post wedding celebrations. Hence, a celebration in the close proximity of the elegant Mardana Mahal, decked with bright lights is bound to be an experience for life time.

The Promenade: The most artistically manicured Promenade of City Palace at the banks of Lake Pichola is one of the prime attractions of this mighty palace complex. The Promenade with elegantly lit gardens serves as an idyllic venue for an illustrious wedding in the City Palace complex.

These expertises of The City Palace complex makes it a perfect abode for experiencing royal favor of the country as well as luxurious celebrations.


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