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The Destination - Bali is one of the 13, 000 islands making up the Republic of Indonesia, located 8-9 degrees south of the equator between Java to the West and Lombok in the East. As a great destination the island provides visitors a wealth of sights and sounds, dances, music, arts and crafts. Bali’s great natural beauty that includes spectacular landscape of volcanoes, rice terraces, rain-forest and beaches has lured millions of tourists to the place every year.


Population - Bali has 5.632,86 square kilometers of land. The total population is approximately 3.021.247 people.

Language - The official language of the island is Bahasa Indonesian. A local Balinese language based on the Hindu cast system is also popular in Bali. But Basic English is widely understood in all tourist areas.

Currency - The standard currency is Indonesian Rupiah. Notes come in 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 denominations and coins in denominations of 25, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 rupiah. Both old and new issues are circulating. Unfortunately, the new coins are very similar in size, so look carefully. Rp25 are rarely available. In stores small change is often replaced by candies. 1 USD - 9100 rupiah.

When to Go - Though Bali has a mild and agreeable climate the whole year round, the period between the month of May and September is the most pleasant one. This is the time when the island is at its romantic best and honeymooners from different corners of the world come and experience their most memorable time together.

How to Get there - Direct flights connect Bali with many major cities in Asia and Europe. Air fares vary depending on the carrier, the season and the type of ticket purchased. A discount RT fare from the US costs from $1,000-1,200 and from Europe costs $800-1,200; about half that from Australia or East Asian capitals.

Must See
  1. Ubud - The center of Balinese paintings with a permanent collection of modern works of Balinese art dating from the turn of the century.
  2. Kuta - A thriving tourist resort and surfing paradise with beautiful sunset views.
  3. Nusa Dua - Popular tourist resort known for its clean white beaches and clear waters.
  4. Tanah Lot - One of Bali’s moat important sea temples, built atop a huge rock.
  5. Batubulan - A village with finely carved stone figures.
  6. Gianyar - Center of textile industry.
  7. Pura Besakih - The biggest and holiest of all Balinese temple.
  8. Terraced rice paddies - A picture perfect landscape with plenty of time for photo stops.
  9. Pura Kehen - One of the largest religious complexes in Bali, dating back to the eleventh century.
  10. Gunung Batur - Still active volcano site in Bali.

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